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We receive many questions about the Factory Unlocked iPhone like; What is it? What's the different between an iPhone and a Factory Unlocked iPhone? Which one is much better? Can I still jailbreak it? If i update my firmware version do i lose my unlock feature onto it? Basically jailbreak it'll I lose anything? How much does it cost? Where can I purchase it? Will Apple do international shipping onto it? Do you know the countries that have it?

In some countries there are certain laws and restrictions that does not allow Apple to market iPhones which are locked to local cell phone service providers. These laws made Apple come out with an apple iphone that known in the market as Factory or Officially Unlocked iPhone, which is not 100% true, as this phone isn't been locked, it had been made by Apple without any SIM card restrictions so that you can utilize it with any GSM SIM card worldwide.

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One of the advantages of this phone is it does not matter how many times you update, upgrade or downgrade your firmware, it will still use any SIM card worldwide, also you can still jailbreak this iPhone and you don't have to worry about effecting the unlocking status of the factory unlocked iPhone. But besides the proven fact that this iPhone is NOT locked to the specific company, and you can utilize it worldwide without needing to unlock it, it is just like the locked iPhone.

Factory Unlocked iPhone is better than a locked iPhone because of two reasons, one its already unlocked so you do not have to be worried about unlocking it, and two you are able to upgrade your firmware version each time apple have a latest version and your iphone will stay unlocked.

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